Video samples of the HDR-FX1E:
The following demo-clips are results of requested clips:
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Remote Zoom
This clip shows how you may use the remote control to start/stop and zoom without standing by the camera.
720p (.avi)
122 MB
1080i (.avi)
216 MB
720p (Windows Media)
14 MB

Flight: Requested by Franck from France.
This clip shows 17 seconds of shaky video filed inside a small airplane.
Franck wanted a clip showing how the video is reacting to movements of the camera.
  1080i (.avi)
174 MB
720p (Windows Media)
10 MB

1080p (Windows Media)
10 MB

Hockey: Fast moving objects
This short clip shows amateur hockey players.
Several people have requested live hockey videoclips to see how the camera reacts on very fast moving objects.
  1080i (.avi)
78 MB
720p (Windows Media)
4.5 MB

Bowling: Low light condition
Many people have asked how the HDR-FX1E handles low-light enviroments. My experience so far is that the camcorder preserve both colors and 'depth' in the video, even if there is almost no light.
See also the clip named "Cake".
  1080i (.avi)
100.3 MB
1080p (Windows Media)
4.6 MB

Tree: Zooming out
This clip shows two things. First; How the HDV-format (And WMV/AVI) manages a middle-high speed zoom, Second; How little the Zoom-motor is heard. I have increased sound volume by 400%, but still no sound of the motor! The humming is from a excavator some 100 meters away.
  1080i (.m2t)
28.2 MB
1080p (Windows Media)
4.2 MB

Cake: Extremely low light condition
This is a extremely low light scene where Maria at her 8th bithday, blows out eight small candles. This secuence is taken with full "AUTO" set on the camcorder.
  1080i (.avi)
44.2 MB
1080p (Windows Media)
3.8 MB

Still: Very short sill image, with 5.1 sound. (Post production)
A very short sequence of the beginning of a movie filmed with Sony HDR-FX1E. This video is recorded with the "film"-setup in the camcorder.
  1080i (.avi)
83.1 MB
1080i (Windows Media)
7.1 MB

Cineframe: Short sequence recorded with CINEFRAME ON.
This sequence is recorded with PP4 (PictureProfile), with both CINETONE and CINEFRAME ENABLE, SteadyShoot ON (HARD).
  1080i (.avi)
249 MB
1080p Windows Media, 2Mbps (8Mpbs Peak)
14.5 MB
1080p Windows Media, 8Mbps, (12Mbps Peak)
47.8 MB

Volvo: Extreme backlight
A very short sequence of two volvo cars filmed in extreme backlight. (I'm using the build-in Backlight compensation in the HDR-FX1E).
  6 Mbps (.mpg)
3 MB
1080i (Windows Media)
15 MB



You'll need a CineFORM Codec to view the m2t and avi files. Please visit CINE FORM at http://www.cineform.com

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